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With the emergence of cloud computing, companies are re-evaluating their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. More and more businesses are adopting web-based or online customer relationship management (CRM) systems instead of the traditional ones to ensure less up-front IT investment, quick deployment; easier customization, and low maintenance. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that offers Microsoft CRM Online at a low monthly price, with no long-term contracts, no set up fee, and increased customer satisfaction.

CRM Online is a web-based tool that streamlines your customer relationship management process providing you with a 360-degree view of all customer interactions. Microsoft CRM Online can help manage your customer information at a central location, enhance sales output and efficiency, optimize your promotions and marketing campaigns, and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty; you can enjoy the power of a full-fledged Online CRM software with Apps4Rent.


Hosted Microsoft Dynamics
CRM 2011


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What does Microsoft CRM Online do for you?

Increase your business productivity—Online CRM can improve the four pillars of your business front-end—sales, marketing, customer service, and customer relationship management. Various analytical tools and real-time dashboards provide you with a complete view of all customer interactions happening across the departments. 100% clarity means 100% swiftness in actions which means enhanced productivity and greater ROI!

Automate your sales force—Microsoft CRM Online can be everything and anything that your sales team needs to improve their sales cycle. It will provide the sales team with everything that they want at their fingertips—be it a product specification, customer account, contacts, new opportunities, quotes, customer history, and much more that will make their sales process quick, transparent, and easy. Moreover, familiarity with Microsoft and integration of CRM with other Microsoft products makes it an unavoidable tool for every sales person.

Cross-Selling and upselling is made easier with Microsoft CRM Online—It is sometimes difficult and also time consuming to lure a new customer to buy another product. So most businesses cross-sell or up-sell to their current customers. With Online CRM, customer data such as their behavior, taste, buying potential and other details are just a click away from the sales personnel, thus helping them understand their customer behavior and cross-sell or up-sell their new product.

Provide with efficient Business Intelligence environment
— CRM Online has enhanced business intelligence tools in place which provide multiple views of your valuable data. Real-time insight into required marketing, sales or customer-related data that too on-time means decreased CPE, i.e., cost per engagement.

Optimize your Customer Service— A centralized repository of customer data provides each and every employee of a company to be updated about each customer profile. This will help the workforce to respond to customer issues, doubts, so on and so forth on time without testing the patience of the customer. Thus, Online CRM helps reduce customer churn.

Key Features of Online CRM Software

Online CRM software offers a familiar work experience— Now with Online CRM hosting you can have a familiar sales, marketing and service experience with the help of a next-generation native Microsoft Outlook client, mobile and web-based access, role customized design, and superior user personalization, which improves user adoption and give simple access to data for quick work process.

Microsoft CRM Online increases the ROI—Customer satisfaction is key to any business growth. The more you are able to attend to your customer needs on time, the more your business grows. Microsoft CRM Online is thus that one tool which offers you the perfect platform to manage your customers efficiently, thus helping you get the best return on your investment.

Online CRM Software is easy to customize—You can customize the Online CRM software to meet your business needs. You just have to drag and drop configuration, tailor it depending upon the role, and set user-level personalization.

CRM Online doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket—With Apps4Rent’s Online CRM software you don’t have to bear huge up-front capital investment on software installation. We set it up free for you! Little or no up-front cost means faster ROI!

Microsoft CRM Online provides intuitive experience—Hosted Online CRM gives you insightful experience by providing you with process dialogs guidance, inline business intelligence for goal and performance management, and real-time dashboards that provides the most latest data significant to enable sales, service and marketing professionals to do their work efficiently

Online CRM Software offers connected experiences—Dynamics CRM gives a connected experience through flexible cloud development, Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, allowing customers and partners to configure and adapt Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet particular business requirements.