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With CRM hosting, you can handle your leads more effectively by simply distinguishing new prospects from existing clients and by promoting competent leads to new prospects with a single click. Leads can also be routed automatically to the right person depending on the product, dollar amount, territory or any other criteria based on workflow rules that you define. You can automatically track relationships between clients, influencers, prospects, and suppliers for new opportunities.

With Hosted CRM software, you can plan and implement campaigns effectively. Pre-defined templates allow you to use the old campaigns repeatedly. You have the flexibility to schedule campaign activities to be executed instantaneously or at particular time in the future, and initiate campaigns anywhere around the globe with strong multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities. You can create sophisticated e-mail templates and easily launch mail-merge-based communications and smartly transform e-mails into leads, contacts, and opportunities based on the pre-defined rules you install. Moreover, you can choose campaign activities, viz., phone calls, e-mail messages, meetings, faxes, and allot them to appropriate people.

With Microsoft’s hosted CRM; you can launch new products and services competently, and perk up cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. You can benefit from the 360-degree client view to proactively propose renewals or replacements, or to just recompense frequent customers. You can analyze customers based on their demographic profile and spot purchase trends as they develop. You can create intuitive dashboards for that proficiently emphasize key performance indicators and marketing metrics and drive home your ROI.

Now transform your client data into comprehensible and actionable knowledge. Hosted CRM solutions’ intuitive dashboards offer you with in-depth analytics to quickly act in response to varying client preferences and emerging market opportunities.

With Microsoft  CRM hosted solutions by Apps4Rent, you get a comprehensible, 360-degree view of your client base. Deep segmentation depending on all-inclusive, sales, customer and demographic data is also provided to pinpoint your marketing efforts.

The analysis and reporting feature of hosted CRM solution helps you to assess the performance of your e-mail, print, online, and other marketing efforts so that you can focus on your most effectual marketing channels.

The segmentation and list features of Hosted CRM system helps you to contact potential customers, maintain on hand customers, and convert successful campaigns into templates that can simply be used again.

CRM Hosting offers deep analysis and reporting to find out response rates, gauge interest levels, and scrutinize expenditure for every activity and campaign in real time.

With an holistic insight into your customers’ choices, relationships and buying history, you can now predict their future requirements, make efficient up-sell and cross-sell offers, and improve customer loyalty.

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