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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a product developed on the most innovative cloud technology. With CRM in the cloud, you enter the online world where everything is accessible to you through a web browser that too from anywhere you want. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or CRM in the cloud eliminates the headaches of managing your IT infrastructure and reduces the up-front IT cost. It offers you a shared environment but with the complete security of a dedicated environment. And with a hosted provider such as Apps4Rent, you only pay for what you require. Your upgrades are done automatically and scaling up and down becomes easier.

The new dashboards in Dynamics CRM give real-time advanced view on business performance in a simple way. Users are allowed to promptly configure several dashboards to monitor business performance. The dashboards can also be made available to you with inline charts that can offer you visually-rich data, thus helping you to spot trends and unearth new insights.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can be easily integrated with its sibling Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint tools which makes using MS Dynamics CRM easy and comfortable for the users. Moreover, the CRM ribbon delivers a familiar and consistent navigation and user experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 integrates very well with the most popular collaborative tool, i.e., Microsoft SharePoint. Integration with SharePoint means enhanced collaboration, communication, and data management.

MS Dynamics CRM 2011 integrates very well with its sibling and the most famous product Microsoft Outlook. Seamless integration with Outlook means improved e-mail management in both your email client and your Online CRM.

Data management feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online empowers users to import, view, and manage data rapidly. Its in-built features maintain the accuracy and integrity of your data repository.

MS Dynamics CRM is compatible with most of the popular Smartphones in the market—iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phone.

The audit trail feature in Dynamics CRM lets the users know when a particular data is updated or created.

Dynamics CRM Online allows users to create multiple dashboards at a time. Users can quickly create multiple dashboards; identify new trends, use inline charts and do more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a global product. It can be accessed in various languages.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows users to organize their workplaces to meet their definite roles and information requirement. By personalizing the work environment, users get the power to set a default tab to start their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Moreover, users can have control over the links that they want to see in the workplace view. For instance, the date, the number, and the language they want to use.

Dynamics CRM Online exhibits views and forms which are defined by user roles. This role-based design assures quick access to specific information that they require. A role-defined view hinders users from viewing data that they are restricted from viewing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 includes enhanced configuration capabilities such as field-level security, custom activities and communication, data auditing, custom form and improved knowledge base. These small features allow businesses to configure solutions, either for third-parties or themselves.

MS Dynamics CRM includes interactive dialog boxes that allow users to gather and process data. At the basic level, users can use dialogs to direct customer communication and internal processes. At a further level, you can use dialogs to augment performance and flexibility by including workflow logic.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is developed using cloud technology. With cloud technology, there is no worry about data backup, continuous IT maintenance, and heavy investment in new hardware tool.

Role based forms and views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers quick access to data that is relevant to them. It also ensures that you don’t get access to data that is irrelevant to you. This feature thus protects users from viewing the data that they are not authorized to view.

The Smart Search feature in Dynamics CRM helps users to search for the terms that they are looking for. This feature displays both the accurate and partially relevant matches when we search for a term.

In MS Dynamics CRM, you can set and track multiple goals with associated deadlines. Further, you can monitor your progress against the set or defined goals.

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