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No on-premise IT infrastructure management—A good system and a good internet connection is all you need to access your web based CRM solutions. Sign up with us and leave the head ache of server infrastructure management and maintenance to us. You just need to login to your account to access your CRM system.  No software installation is required, thus you can use Web based CRM from anywhere at any time.

No upfront overheads—As our web based CRM solution is a service based software that is accessible via a web browser, the investment in IT infrastructure is nil. Moreover, no IT management means no investment in IT team and infrastructure.

Apps4Rent offers CRM Web based in Software as a Service Model (SaaS)—In SaaS Model, you only pay for the service you acquire. Come, pay, and get the Web based CRM solution up and running within no time. No contracts, no software installation is required.

You demand your needs and we tailor it for you—Different companies have different needs. Apps4Rent customizes the Web based CRM for small businesses as per their needs. You name it and we provide it for you!

Easy data migration—We help you migrate your data from your current system to our web based CRM software with minimal downtime. Your new CRM web based system will be up and running with in no time.

Daily Data backup—Your customer database is safe with us. You can just relax! Backing up your data is our responsibility! And we do it regularly on a daily basis.

24×7 technical support—If any issue arise, our expert team is there to troubleshoot it. We are available   round the clock to support you. Short turnaround time is only required.

Familiar Microsoft interface—Imagine the amount of money you spend on training a new tool to your workforce! Huge, isn’t it? Forget about it when you sign up for our Microsoft web based CRM solution from Apps4rent. Familiar Microsoft tools and interface makes life easier for your workforce.  Just sign up, get it up, running, and boost the productivity of your workforce.

Real-time dashboards and insights—Since the tool is available online, using it is just so easy. Just login to your account, and view the live updates of your sales, marketing, customer service departments.

Intelligent data management—With web based CRM solutions, importing data becomes an easy job.  In-built functionality conserves the integrity and precision of your database.

Web based CRM helps maintain the rapport with your customers—CRM web based software keeps you connected with your customer. With mobile access to your customer data, you can be proactive, identify new trends and customer needs quickly. It helps you connect to customers genuinely with appropriate and sincere reasoning and actions.

CRM web based boosts your turnover—Web based CRM solutions offers a streamlined business environment with less upfront investment and more productivity. Easy adoption, anywhere any time access, quick provisioning, integration with familiar and powerful tools such as Exchange and SharePoint makes this solution the best deal for any small business.

Web based CRM software keeps you updated about your customer behavior and needs—With web based CRM software, customer information will be just some clicks away. Customer taste, behavior, buying potential will be right there in front of you, thus helping you understand your customer behavior and up-sell or cross-sell their new product.